Ziterdes - Create Your Adventure!

Ziterdes - Create Your Adventure!

Tabletop empires is proud to bring you Ziterdes Terrain.

The terrain ranges from trees rocks and statues, to complete Castles and sci fi Bastions of defence. It Is extremely Light weight but stron with many peices having a drybrushed effect, ready to game with straight out of the box!!!


Create Your Adventure!
This slogan is obligatory for us - 'cause with ZITERDES terrain pieces YOU are the creator of your world. The Tabletop is more than a game. It stands for collecting, painting, tinkering (doing handcrafts), gaming and lots of emotion.

When blades clash or lasers cut the air - you are the commander of your troops guiding them safely through dangerous terrain with the goal of achieving their mission. You will find here all you need for your gaming table - spoilt for choice from a simple hill up to finely detailed fortresses and temples.