Frostgrave - Folio - Supplement

Frostgrave - Folio - Supplement

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The Frostgrave Folio is the complete collection of all previously released Frostgrave mini-ebook supplements in one printed volume.

This includes...

  • Hunt for the Golem, a three-scenario campaign in which the warbands hunt down a rogue golem, 
  • Sellsword, which introduces rules for experience-gaining captains to help lead warbands, 
  • Dark Alchemy, which expands the rules for potions and potion brewing,
  • and Arcane Locations which gives additional options for bases and base upgrades.

The book also includes a completely new mini-supplement, The Ravages of Time. Collecting nearly two years' worth of Frostgrave material, this collection is a necessary addition to any wizard's library.

You need a copy of Frostgrave to use this supplement

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