Ziterdes - Wire Mesh Paper

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Landscape Paper (with internal wire mesh) The Landscape Paper is made of a lightweight, flexible, water resistant, stable, and user friendly material for your tabletop landscaping projects. Use a set of strong scissors to cut the landscaping paper and proceed to bend and shape the paper to the desired effect.

The stability of the material will allow you to build small hills and elevations without inside supports. For mountains or larger hills, we recommend using the paper with our TERRA-FORM system to support your landscaping. You may use staples or a hot glue gun to fasten the Landscape Paper to your layout.

Adding texture or a hard surface is simple. Apply the ZITERDES Plaster Cloth (Item No. 12221) on the designated surface area. The Landscape Paper is water resistant allowing you to work on the surface area with wet compounds or plaster. ZITERDES offers a wide variety of rock compounds, trees, grass, flock and other materials to fulfil your landscaping needs.

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