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Renedra Terrain - Spear Top Railing Fence & Gate

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Renedra Terrain - Spear Top Railing Fence & Gate

Railings with a hinged gate - classic spear top fencing as used around graveyards, schools, large houses, parks and elsewhere from mid 19th century until now. This pack also includes stone fenceposts and gates.

This is a really useful pack of plastic fences for a variety of periods and even fantasy gaming. This style of fence is very common in European towns and is therefore ideal for WWII games.

The pack contains 2 frames, each frame consists of 4 lengths of railings, 1 gate pillar and 1 gate - ideal for graveyard surrounds. The 2 frame pack will make 81cms of railings (including the gate)

Figures and graveyard scenery shown are not included.


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