Archon Studios - Dungeons & Lasers - Sewers Set

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This enormous pack of elements will make your city look truly unique! You’ll find many interesting and extraordinary pieces. With a heavy emphasis on detail, you'll be able to create your dream city in no time!

  • Transparent water - manufactured with clear plastic;
  • Double-sided walls- Looks amazing on the inside and outside
  • Built-in grid - Compatible with every RPG system
  • Modular - Build your terrain in a flash

Box Contains:

  • 1x Nubble mini on a 50mm scenic base
  • 4x Full water tile (clear plastic)
  • 4x Full water half-tile (clear plastic)
  • 8x Long sidewalk (clear plastic)
  • 4x L-shaped sidewalk (clear plastic)
  • 4x Short sidewalk (clear plastic)
  • 4x Corner (clear plastic)
  • 8x Long double-sided wall
  • 12x Double-sided wall
  • 4x Doorway
  • 84x Various clips
  • 64x Pins

All models come unpainted and unassembled.

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