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  • Wrath & Glory - Warhammer 40K RPG - Wrath Deck

Wrath & Glory - Warhammer 40K RPG - Wrath Deck

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Quick Overview

This card deck details numerous brutal critical hits for combat in Wrath & Glory, plus they are useful for determining the outcome of a threatening task (situations where the entire warband works together to complete steps towards resolving a dangerous situation).
The Wrath Deck contains 55 cards detailing brutal critical hits to make combats in your game full of carnage and woe! These cards also contain keywords for Threatening Tasks - a way for your player characters to work together to solve a dangerous challenge before time runs out. These cards put the information right at your fingertips to make your Wrath & Glory game run more smoothly.
This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook is required to play.

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