• Leagues of Gothic Horror - Guide to Vampires (Ubiquity System)

Leagues of Gothic Horror - Guide to Vampires (Ubiquity System)

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The blood is the life... and it shall be mine!”
The Count is having guests for dinner... and you are invited to join him.

Count Dracula may be the most well known vampire, but he is far from the only bloodsucker to set his appetite on mankind. Learn now of the dark brood that haunts the darkness of night!

This sourcebook is a detailed guide to vampires and other bloodsuckers for the Ubiquity roleplaying system.

Contents include an overview of mankind’s historical interaction with vampires, the nature of vampires and means by which they may be created and destroyed, a list of fearsome powers for customizing vampires, a bestiary of bloodsuckers from around the globe, and a number of unique vampires.

Compatible with other Ubiquity settings

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