• Reaper - Warlord Skirmish Game: Core Rulebook

Reaper - Warlord Skirmish Game: Core Rulebook

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Warlord is a fast paced action packed Skirmish game based on the R.A.G.E. gaming rule System it is suitable for use with any fantasy miniatures althogh reaper does produce it's own line.

The rage Gaming System is easily adaptable to suit other Genre's or system. (i.e.) can also be used for their cowboys & gunslingers etc.


Softcover Second Edition Rulebook includes...

  • An Insiders account of the land of Taltos
  • Complete Ruleset based on Reaper's Fantastic R.A.G.E. System
  • Ten Army Rosters
  • Data cards & Stories on Nearly 400 characters
  • Complety Revamped Spellcasting System
  • Streamlined rules for faster play 


What is Warlord?

Warlord is many things. First and foremost, it is a line of Heroic Scale fantasy themed pewter miniatures for use in tabletop games. Players of popular fantasy RPGs have been using Reaper Miniatures as their company of choice for the paladins, rangers, fighters, wizards, clerics, and rogues for over a decade. Warlord presents today's players with an edgy, gritty look that suits the thematic feel of some of the current Fantasy Role-Playing Games present on the market.

Warlord is also a line of high quality, highly detailed, and dynamic collectable figures for painters. Whether an army painter focused on speed painting, a casual painter looking for a challenge, a new painter entering the hobby, or a world-class award-winning painter - Warlord has proven itself time and again as a top line of choice.


About the World of Warlord

Adon - the Setting
Reaper's Dark Heaven Legends line of pewter fantasy figures comes from the world of Adon; a fantastic place with powerful supernatural forces and epic, legendary heroes. For over a decade, players of Fantasy RPGs have used figures with names like Sidrith, the Sword Sister, or battled strange mosters like the Skoli and wondered - what is the world like that these characters comes from?

Taltos - the Lands
Warlord takes place in the war-torn land of Taltos. The region is a place of dry, blistering summers and mild winters. Various local leaders and their forces battle for the control of their own destinies. The battle for the power to become Warlords and become legends by their own hands - some are just and fair and others are cruel and capricious. Life in Taltos is brutal but there is a fortune to be made and eternal fame to be won.


The Factions of Taltos

Good Factions

Long have the Knights of the Temple guarded the Chroniclers at Denelspire. Oathbound to remain steadfast guardians and take no action, they watched as evil festered and grew at their doorstep. Denelspire was invaded, and Duke Gerard returned to retake the Citadel and make the land safe for the people once more. Now the guardians of Denelspire have become the instrument of the heavens, destined to rout the evil that has permeated the land. By their faith and by their swords they will return stability to Taltos, for they have taken an oath to serve peace, and Gerard has shown that peace comes only after the war has been won.

The halls of Aizen Krahl have known the hymns of battle since the first stone was carved. This newly-hewn fortress is the only defense between Taltos and the monsters of Monglash. King Thorgram Grimsteel knows that his people must be strong, like the foundations of the very mountains themselves, or they will fall. The dwarves have fought to build the citadel and will fight to defend it, for their new home is not just a cave in the hills, but the bastion of freedom that guards the civilized lands from evils they cannot face. King Thorgram will take the fight to his enemies and ensure the legacy of his heirs.

The courts of the northern forests have ignored the pleas for aid as the Princes of Almirithil watched the horrors around them grow. Now, Prince Danithal has mustered the strongest and noblest of his people from across Adon to serve him and help restore the realm. With their natural gifts and the protection of the very land that they serve, the elves of Almirithil stand strong, proud, and ready to face the challenge of taming the beasts that have infested Taltos. Beautiful and shadowy, the elves are well trained and well prepared for the battles ahead, and Prince Danithal will not fail in his duty to his land and his people.

Neutral Factions

The almost-forgotten god Sokar has awakened from his great sleep. He has remembered the oaths of the warriors of ages past who bound their souls to serve him throughout eternity. Sokar has summoned his greatest servants back from the lands of the dead. The greatest of them, Khufu, the supreme priest-king of the Sokari, again leads his people into the Mehet Hesep - the Northern Gardens - where Sokar will rule again. Together with the Khamsin, a tribe that has never forgotten the ways of Sokar, Khufu will restore the cities of old, recover the plundered temples of his people, and repay the injuries of the outsiders to his Kingdom. Sokar has risen, and so has the desert itself.

Beyond the Ash Mountains, a storm is building. Varaug leads the "Akhpakh Khoolaylan" or "Great Reven" - an alliance of the tribes of the orcs, goblins, and ogres scattered throughout the Monglash Steppes. The injustices against the hordes of Monglash must be repaid, and Varaug stands ready to exact the debt owed in blood. He alone wields the power of the Khakhan, the Chief of Chiefs, and stands at the front of the battle, ready to lead his people into Taltos to take what they have long been denied. The foundations of the cities of Taltos will shatter beneath the boots of the Monglash tribes.

The Mongkohn have learned the mysteries of existence and have spent centuries contemplating the paths of harmony and of conflict. The outside world has always been ignorant of the noble culture of the Jade Empire, but the innocent years of the past have long gone. The outside world has come in - interlopers, trespassers, and worse. Khong-To has now left the Path of Harmony, determined to preserve his people and their freedom for once and for all. The cycles of nature have come around; the time of peace and meditation is over. The time for war has begun, and only through turbulence will calm return once more to the surface of the Pool of Life.

A misbegotten collection of sell-swords and cut-throats, the Mercenaries had traveled the land, looking to sell the might of their steel and the power of their magic to the highest bidder. Orba Sinhan was blessed with a vision for something more, and he has been bringing these loners together to fight for something greater: real power in Taltos.

Evil Factions

Though once of elven stock, the Isiri have twisted themselves with the aid of their demon lords. They are elves no more. Led by the Witch Queen and her demonic aides, the Darkspawn have begun a campaign against the surface world. Filling their cups with the spoils of war - pain, misery, suffering, death, and fear - the Isiri will give the bounty they reap to the dark lords they serve, twisting and defiling everything that was once sacred. The people of Taltos know fear, but those who are captured by the Isiri come to truly know pain. Death is the only escape from the cruel fate these fiends have readied for all who will not bow to them.

For centuries, the energies of the ancient Necropolis of Thule have drawn necromancers, the undead, and those questing after power. Judas Bloodspire, vampire lord and Anointed of Hars, has seized control of the Font of Power contained within Thule, and from there he plans to gather more souls and more strength, waiting for the day of the Anointing, when he and his followers will know the true definition of power. Until then, the lands of the living will know terror as only The Hunt can bring.

The Inquisitors of Malvernis have taken an interest in the city of Craclaw, and the Overlords court their deadly power. The Overlords desire control and power enough to sacrifice anything, even their own lives, to gain power that none can withstand. Ashkrypt, an Overlord and Lich, will use the Inquisitors to get what he wants, and then he will discard them, as he does with the people of Craclaw. There is power to be taken in Taltos, and the Overlords know the strengths and weaknesses of those who oppose them. They will lead the Army that will control the people of the land, and will brook no opposition.

The Reaper Adventure Game Engine

Warlord is the first game to use the Reaper Adventure Game Engine (R.A.G.E. for short). As a master system, R.A.G.E. allows you to learn a few basic rules and then take this knowledge with you from game setting to game setting. One system for many games means that you spend less time learning and relearning rules and more time playing and painting.

Key Features of R.A.G.E.

  • Easy mechanics. Roll one ten-sided dice. Add or subtract modifiers. Meet or exceed a target number. All target numbers and modifiers fit on a one page quick glance sheet or are printed on the figure's Data Card.
  • Fluid play. A Turn is divided into 2 Actions per Model. The order and what actions are conducted are fully in your control. Each setting will have one or two new Actions specific to its genre, but the rest of the Actions remain the same from game to game.
  • Strategy and Tactics. You are in control of not only the rolling of dice and moving of figures, but also general force creation and preparing for the surprises of combat against other players.
  • Data Cards. All information relevant to a Model's game related mechanics easily fit on a standard poker card sized Data Card. As more powerful Models are damaged, their fighting ability will degrade until they are removed from play.
  • Faction or Freelance Play. All R.A.G.E. games will feature various colorful factions and armies that you can choose from. There will also be the ability to portray a Freelance force that allows you to picks and choose from all the Models in the line to custom tailor your force.
  • Faction forces gain special powers and abilities; Freelance forces gain ultimate customization freedom. The end result is more options and more fun for

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