• Avatars of War - Dwarfs - Dwarf Engineer

Avatars of War - Dwarfs - Dwarf Engineer

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Avatars of War produce a wide range of highly details 28mm miniatures, that are compatible with a wide range of game systems including Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and The 9th Age. Each miniature is full of intricate detail and character, perfect for adding a custom look to any unit or army.

A Dwarf Engineer is an experienced crafter of increasingly effective and destructive war machines.  A Dwarf Engineer placed near your war machines will minimize potential breakdowns that occur during battle.

This Avatars of War Dwarf Master Gunner blister pack contains one (1) metal Avatars of War Dwarf Master Gunner miniature. Contains also a 25mm plastic round base and a 25mm plastic square base.

Avatars of War miniatures are 28mm scale models designed for gamers & collectors. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some trimming and cleaning may be necessary before assembly and painting. Ages 12 and older.

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