• Black Library - Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Omnibus 1

Black Library - Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Omnibus 1

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It is not only the Stormhosts of Sigmar who fight for control of the Mortal Realms. Many other peoples, those pledged to Order and others to Chaos, wage war on behalf of gods and kings. From the grim duardin Fyreslayers of the mountain lodges to the enigmatic and otherworldly sylvaneth of Alarielle’s court, and even the wretched skaven of diseased Clans Pestilens – all must play their part in the struggles to come, forging their own legends in the Age of Sigmar... this diverse omnibus contains stories by some of Black Library’s most popular authors: David Annandale, Guy Haley, David Guymer, Robbie MacNiven, Josh Reynolds, Rob Sanders and Gav Thorpe.


The Keys to Ruin and Shattered Crucible by David Annandale
Four Thousand Days by David Guymer
The Volturung Road by Guy Haley

Skaven Pestilens by Josh Reynolds

The Resolute and The Outcast by Josh Reynolds
Heartwood – Robbie MacNiven
The Splintered – Rob Sanders
Wrathspring – Gav Thorpe

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