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Chaosium Cthulhu Fiction - The Book of Dzyan

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The Known Text • The Secret Doctrine • Additional Sources • A Life of Mme. Blavatsky

"The Stanzas, therefore, give an abstract formula which can be applied, mutatis mutandis, to all evolution: to that of our tiny earth, to that of the chain of planets of which that earth forms one, to the solar Universe to which that chain belongs, and so on, in an ascending scale, till the mind reels and is exhausted in the effort.

"The seven Stanzas given in this volume represent the seven terms of this abstract formula. They refer to, and described the seven great stages of the evolutionary process, which are spoken of in the Purânas as the 'Seven Creations' and in the Bible as the Days of Creation."

- Proem, The Secret Doctrine

Mme. Blavatsky's famous transcribed messages from beyond, the mysterious Book of Dzyan, the heart of the sacred books of Kie-te, are said once to have been known only to Tibetan mystics. Quotations from Dzyan form the core of her closely-argued The Secret Doctrine, the most influential single book of occult knowledge to emerge from the last century.

The text of the book you hold reproduces nearly all of Book of Dzyan that Blavatsky transcribed. It also includes long excerpts from her Secret Doctrine as well as from the Society of Psychical Research's 1885 report concerning phenomena witnessed by members of the Theosophical Society. There are notes and additional shorter materials. Editor Maroney's biographical essay starts off the book, a fascinating portrait of an amazing woman.

Tim Maroney ed.; Cover by Jamie Oberschlake. 272 pages. Trade Paperback.

ISBN 978-1-56882-259-4

ISBN 978-1-56882-259-4

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