Trudvang Legends - The Board Game

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Trudvang Legends is a storytelling cooperative board game where 1-4 players take on the role of Heroes determined to stop the forces of Darkness. Guided by the Book of Sagas and the Legends System, the story unfolds with no gamemaster in a rich fantasy setting where your actions and choices will directly affect the environment and its inhabitants in a Living World. Based on the award-winning Trudvang Chronicles roleplaying game by RiotMinds and concept and design by Alvaro Tapia and Paul Bonner, the board game brings the myths, sagas, Heroes, and Enemies to life. 


Publisher CMON
Universe CMON Standalone
Product Type Thematic Games
Product Sub-Type Base Game
Minimum Recommended Age 14
Average Play Time 2 Hours
Players (Minimum) 1
Players (Maximum) 4
Genres Cooperative Game | Fantasy | Mythology

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