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  • The Red Book of the Elf King - Core Rulebook

The Red Book of the Elf King - Core Rulebook

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The Red Book of The Elf King Core Rulebook by Lucid Eye Publications and rules Written by Rick Priestley, contains rules for a 28mm heroic scale miniatures game, allowing players to fight battles between powerful Elven Thanes, Lords of the Circles of the Fae Kingdoems of Eas, fell warriors and warriors & creatures of sorcerous might.

A player controls their Thane along with that Thane's loyal companions in epic and brutal battle against their foe, where sharp spear, wild magic, powerful artifacts and dark sorcery pierce the very fabric of reality.

You can find out more about the game HERE

Contains illustrations, full colour, lore & narrative from the Isles of Eas, with detailed rules, stats & scenarios for every Circle and Wyrd Meeting within the Isles.


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