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  • Symbaroum RPG - Starter Set - Treasure Hunts in Davokar

Symbaroum RPG - Starter Set - Treasure Hunts in Davokar

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Symbaroum is a fantasy tabletop RPG, often described as dark, gritty and deadly. It was first released in Swedish in 2014, then translated into English for a worldwide release in 2016. Since then, the game has captured the imagination of an ever-growing number of gamers and today the game-line encompasses a dozen hardcover books, along with several support products in the form of card sets, maps and more.

The Symbaroum rule set is a D20, roll under, fully player-facing system, designed to be quick, punishing, and easy to get into. Also, it is highly flexible and modular, so those who want more complexity are offered numerous optional rules, or can easily introduce their own house rules.

The game is also flexible when it comes to what type of games it facilitates – action and/or intrigue; one-shot scenarios and/or long adventure campaigns; serious stories and/or furious fun. However, one can argue that the flagship of Symbaroum is the acclaimed, six-part adventure chronicle The Throne of Thorns. Each of the standalone but interlinked episodes not only offer a massive adventure – they also introduce new lore, setting information, equipment, abilities, and optional rules.

The Ashurani dynasty was as short lived as it was cruel, known for its insights into the light – and the darkness. Key to their power was an artefact known as the Rod of Light and Darkness. Its touch could breathe life into dead things, or steal it away from that which lived. And guess what, the rod’s current whereabouts has been revealed! To students of the Eternal Night, this opportunity cannot be ignored! Its final resting place is said to be Lafarda’s Tower, situated in the area known to treasure-hunters as the Blasted Heath, where lightning rain burns flesh and shatters dreams.

Enter the wondrous world of Symbaroum! This starter set for the Symbaroum roleplaying game is designed to let you and your friends experience treasure hunts and expeditions in the dark and mysterious forest of Davokar, including two ready-made adventure sites for you to explore. It also contains guidelines for creating your own treasure hunt adventures. Of course, our hope is that your initial excursions into Davokar will leave you curious to know more about the game world – its forests, cultures and its long, dark history.



  • 64-page rule book, introducing the game’s easy-to-learn and highly flexible ruleset along with its dark and mysterious game world.
  • 64-page adventure compendium, including two original adventure locations for your players to explore and rules for designing adventures of your own.
  • Six character sheets, describing five readymade player characters and one mystical companion for you to play.

Are you already playing Symbaroum?

If so, you may wonder if the boxed starter set has anything for you. Admittedly, Treasure Hunts in Davokar is mainly designed for newcomers to the game, and most of the content has been presented in already published game books. That being said, even a veteran Symbaroum gamer should be able to uncover a few new gems inside this treasure box:

  • The two adventure locations, titled Where Darkness Dwells and The Gathering Storm, are never before published. Even if they are balanced for beginner players and newly created PCs, they can easily be tweaked to fit in an ongoing campaign.
  • The Bright Davokar Dice Set is the first suite of official Symbaroum dice; they may not have any special symbols or mechanics tied to them, but they surely feel and sound like Symbaroum dice should!
  • The art and illustrations in the two books have been mindfully selected from previously published Symbaroum products, ranging from the core rulebook (2015) to the Game Master’s Guide (2020). They are all made by Martin Grip, who have polished some of the pieces and added three new NPC portraits.
  • Finally, the starter set is the product where we introduce the new NPC and monster stat block, which hereafter will be used in all new books. We are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the design!



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