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Red Box Games - Fantasy Miniatures

Red Box Games - Fantasy Miniatures

Believe in the illusion, Lose yourself in the Adventure!

In ages dark & cold, cut from twisted forests old, creep low, the fanged feral kin.

Ablaze the Elfs, the Dwarfs, the Men.

From Ghost & Goblin, Giant & Troll, by noble Knight & Wizard old, By pious Priest or Wily Rogue,

win Maiden fair, or fame or gold.

From mountain top or shadowed cave, from misty bog ot disquiet grave,from ruined keep,

Or dungeon low, flow forth the tides of death & woe.

So raise the sword, the spear & shield, to earn your honour, gold & weal

Stride proudly forth and trample down, the shadow's dark and evil foul

'Tis you are called 'ere toll the bells, Into the mists, into the Hells!