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Legend of the Five Rings - Roleplaying Game Master's Kit

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Quick Overview

The GM Kit includes both a beautiful screen that keeps the rules at your fingertips as well as a pre-made adventure in the mysterious Slow Tide Harbor. Guide your players into the world of Rokugan with style and ease with the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game Master's Kit!
The centerpiece of the Game Master's Kit is the GM screen. One side features beautiful art of the world of Rokugan, while the other side of the GM Screen is filled with rules reminders and tables. This allows the Game Master to keep notes and skill checks hidden if they desire, but also features helpful rule reminders and charts right at their fingertips—such as an index of commonly referenced rules, steps to making a check, examples of spending opportunity, and more. Every table, chart, and reminder also features the page in the Core Rulebook from which it is referenced, giving GMs a simple way to check a rule with an option for a more in-depth explanation.
The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game Master's Kit also provides a perfect beginning adventure for players, inviting them to take their first steps into Rokugan. “Dark Tides” sends players to the mysterious and obscure town of Taimana Choryū, and the entire adventure is designed to challenge characters socially and emotionally, as well as with action and detective work. What secrets await in the Slow Tide Harbor?


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