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  • Warhammer 40k - Death Guard - Combat Patrol

Warhammer 40k - Death Guard - Combat Patrol

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  • Ex Tax: $177.73

Combat Patrol is the smallest sized 40K game, and this Death Guard force is a great way to start – regardless of whether you want to play an open play game, forge a narrative with a Crusade army, or compete in a matched play mission. If this is the beginning of your first-ever Death Guard army or you're looking at adding to an existing force, this box is ideal.

This 243-piece plastic kit makes the following models:

– 1x Typhus
– 1x Biologus Putrifier
– 7x Plague Marines
– 30x Pox Walkers

It is supplied with 30 25mm Citadel round bases, 7 32mm Citadel round bases, 1 40mm Citadel round base, and 1 50mm Citadel round base.

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