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Fireforge Games - Forgotten World - Two Player Starter Set

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Forgotten World is a new fantasy game made by Fireforge Games, backed up by an entire new range of generic fantasy models to play on your tabletop!

Forgotten World starter set allow you to assemble:

  • Northmen Patrol Force
    24 Warriors, 12 Bowmen, 6 Cavalrymen
  • Living Dead Vanguard Force
    36 Peasants, 24 Warriors, 6 Knights
  • Gravestone & Fences plastic kit to build custom scenery (Approx size 290 x 262 mm)

Figures and scenery are supplied unpainted and require a little assembly.


Box contents Quantity
Models (Northmen Patrol Force)
Northmen Command Frames 1
Northmen Warriors A Frames 4
Northmen Warriors B Frames 4
Northmen Bowmen Frames 2
Northmen Horsemen Frames 2
Northmen Horses Frames 2
Models (Living Dead Vanguard Force)
Living Dead Peasants Frames 6
Living Dead Warriors Frames 4
Living Dead Knights Frame 2
Living Dead Horses & Dogs Frame 2
20mm x 20mm square bases 96
25mm x 50mm square bases 12
25mm round bases 96
60mm x 32mm oval bases 12
A5 format Core rules 1
Magic cards deck 1
Tokens Sheets 2
Fences frames 2
Gravestones frames 1



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