• Castles & Crusades RPG - The Adventurers Backpack

Castles & Crusades RPG - The Adventurers Backpack

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The Adventures Backpack is the first major book that focuses largely on player content for Castles & Crusades since the release of the Players Handbook.

It brings a mountain of NEW material to your gaming table. Within this full color, hardcover book you will find:

  • 13 new classes
  • New Non-derivative spells
  • A new approach on counter spells and canceling spells
  • 34 different backpacks offerings an easier and faster way to equip
  • A fresh easier to use approach to Unarmed Combat
  • Magic Items for classes who have few to choose from
  • A look at the Archetype
  • The End Game, why old characters never die

A whole new renaissance has begun, with years-worth of C&C content at your fingertips.

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