AK Interactive - DUAL EXO 2B – PLUTO STONE 60ml

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Dual Exo is a simplified color system and a paint range designed for sci-fi miniatures and vehicles, gundams, mecha, robots etc.

It is technically developed through an ultra-resistant aqueous acrylic copolymer to paint with maximum covering power and resistance.

It is a self-leveling acrylic paint with a satin finish that facilitates weathering processes once the base coat has been applied.

Its high-quality additives provide us with a multi-adherent capacity never seen before, as well as high durability.

Its low viscosity makes it ideal for use with an airbrush, although it can also be used with a brush.

1. Perfect grip on any material.
2. Allows to apply any type of weathering thanks to its resistance.
3. Satin finish. Oerfect for applying Oil / Enamel / Acrylic washes and reductive techniques

Volume: 60ml

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