A Song of Ice and Fire - Tabletop Miniatures Game - Thenn Warriors

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A Song Of Ice and Fire

Not all the Free Folk’s Warriors Use Scavenged Weapons and Armor...

Most of the Free Folk’s forces arm and armor themselves with whatever they can craft along the way to battle or steal off of their fallen enemies. The Thenn Warriors are different. They have forged their own bronze weapons and armor, making them the most heavily-armed troops in the Free Folk army. While their equipment might not stand up to the castle-forged steel of the southern forces, it fares better than leather and fur shirts. 

In general, the Free Folk eschew the trappings of civilization. For most of the different tribes, the knowledge of smelting metals and shaping the resulting sheets into arms and armor is beyond them. Free Folk troops would rather craft leather armor or simply use hides of animals. Their weapons would be whatever they could grab, mostly clubs of some form. Some troops would harvest from the dead warriorsfurther south. However, the Thenn Warriors are different. They do know how to heat and work metal, and they have managed to forge their own weapons and armor. While the bronze equipment they create isn’t nearly the same quality as that of any of the great Houses, it is still the most advanced gear of any of the Free Folk. Soon, Free Folk players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will be able to add them to their forces.

The Thenn Warriors unit box gives Free Folk commanders their arguably hardiest troops on the battlefield. Their increased armor has given them a sense of invulnerability, calling out Taunts to their enemies, causing charges to be targeted at them instead of other units. They also benefit from Set Defense, which means they ignore penalties from being charged, or attacked in the flank or rear. Coming with the unit is the Chosen of Styr Unit Attachment, whose Intimidating presence causes an enemy to become Weakened when they activate.

The Thenn Warriors cost six points to field, which makes them one of the more expensive units for the Free Folk, and their stats reflect some of this cost. They throw eight dice when at full ranks in melee, wielding their bronze weapons, hitting on a 4+. On the defensive side of things, their shields and armor grant them a Defense Save also of 4+. Bolstered by the knowledge of their (relative) heavy armorcompared to their brethren, their Morale value is 6+. But their Defense Save and Morale are only a part of the transfer of their bronze armor from the fluff of their description to the crunch of their rules.

The Thenn Warriors have two special abilities that work in concert with one-another.First, they have the Order Taunt. It states that when an enemy within Short Range and Line of Sight activates, that unit must make a Morale Test. On a failure, that unitmust charge the Thenn Warriors if possible. This can severely disrupt an opponent’s strategy, heavily altering their plans.


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