5th Edition Adventures - Archives Vol. 2

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This boxed collection includes 7 5th Edition Adventures and the Full Color Hardcover Players Guide to Aihrde, a companion book to the Codex of Aihrde that appears in the 5th Edition Archives Vol. 1 Adventures A0-A6.

The Adventures are:

  • A6 of Banishment & Blight,
  • A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone,
  • A8 Forsaken Mountain,
  • A9 Beneath the Helm of Night,
  • A10 The Last Respite,
  • A11 The Wasting Way,
  • and A12 The Paladin's Lament.

All designed for play from adventure levels 5-10. The adventures include overland, dungeon, and the wild town of Grafika. These adventures take you to the very gates of Hell...Aufstrag.

The Players Guide to Aihrde: This full color hardcover book unleashes a plethora of gaming material for your 5th Edition game! Though created as a companion to the long selling Codex of Aihrde, the Players Guide is designed for use in any setting or homebrew game, whether you have a setting or not. Within the Players guide to Aihrde you'll find

Demi-Human Classes: Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Gnome & Halfling New Equipment including primitive guns cannon and more New spells for all classes Gods and the Powers they Bequeth More Guilds for you player characters


All these books come in a stout, beautiful box!


A Touch of Aihrde

The world of Aihrde spins upon an earth-like axis of ancient civilizations where good and evil have struggled for countless years. It is a world that bears the markings of its past; where ancient evils slumber, stained with the power of eldritch wizardry; where gods dwell in bejeweled halls of wonderment, worshiped by men and women of all creeds; where dragons live in great dens of heaped treasure; where the new lies amidst the ruins of the old in beds of ancient glory.

Here, kingdoms have risen and fallen, ground to dust by war, famine, plague or time. It is old, beyond reckoning; a witness to long ages of man and beast, demi-god and god. And thus it was most recently. For a thousand years Aihrde laid under the yoke of Aufstrag and its dark god Unklar the Horned One. Historians call it the Age of Winter's Dark, but men know it differently, for they and theirs suffered it true and they call simply the Long Centuries. From his mighty seat Unklar kept the whole wide world a frozen waste and ruled man and dwarf, elf and gnome, halfling, and all with the twin rods of law and evil. For a thousand years the world stood thus.

But as with all things even the Winter's Dark ended and the world rose, to throw off the yoke and a new Age began, an age of Young Kingdoms that build upon and amidst the frozen ashes of the Long Centuries, a spring after the Winter's Dark. Chroniclers call these the Long Days of the World.

Aihrde is a world reborn, and in its rebirth heroes tread in iron shod boots and wizards lean on crooked staffs to plunder the buried wealth and power of the ages. Here, the eternal struggle goes on, age after age, for Aihrde is a world of adventure, of undaunted heroes, untainted by the decadent philosophies of those hand-wringing meek who suffer in the shadows of lesser men. For here the stone columns of history are wiped clean, awaiting the bold to carve their mark and gain entry to the halls of immortality.

A World of Epic Adventure

Aihrde is a complete campaign setting designed with your game in mind. Unlike most settings that plunge you into a complex world wherein you have to adjust your style of play, Aihrde gives you a world recently reborn, hungry for a new direction. The rich textual background provides the Castle Keeper and Player alike with a solid foundation for creating a rich history of your own.

Here is more than enough material to build your own exciting games, expand upon provided material and create epic adventures for the characters in your game. From the introductory primer After Winter's Dark to the Codex of Aihrde, this setting provides mountains of gaming material, adventure hooks, story lines and more.

In publication for over 12 years, Aihrde is one of the oldest settings on the market today.

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