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  • The Dark Eye - Fantasy RPG - Tales of Dragons and Thieves

The Dark Eye - Fantasy RPG - Tales of Dragons and Thieves

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The Dark Eye is Germany's premiere fantasy role-playing game
In continuous publication for more than 30 years, now for the first time in English in this exciting new edition.

Quick Overview

This exciting anthology presents three ready-to-play adventures all about fire-breathing dragons and cunning brigands.

In Late Mail, a mysterious message from the past draws the heroes into someone else’s story about brigands, treachery, and a fabulous missing fortune in gold and jewels.

Answering the call of a wealthy matron, the heroes promise to escort A Reluctant Groom to his arranged wedding, but the defiant young man isn’t the only one who wants them to fail…

The Church of Hesinde sends the heroes to recover something last seen in the craggy peaks of the Khoram Range, in the possession of a dragon. Whether the dragon still lives is a matter for debate, and the heroes must contend with rough terrain, frigid weather, and wild mountain barbarians before they can find Ishlunar’s Treasures.

This anthology is well suited for beginners and contains detailed descriptions of the plots, adventure aids, locations, non-player characters, and the challenges your heroes must face.

Enter the classic fantastic world of The Dark Eye. Glory and adventure await!


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