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  • Showdown Icons (Clearance)

Showdown Icons (Clearance)

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A fast-paced card duelling game in which two players battle each other to win. Each deck in Showdown: Icons can be played against any other Showdown deck. Showdown: Icons features rough and hardened characters from the world of the Icons, including: Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, King of Clubs, Ace of Spades and Jokers.

A competitive and non-collectable card game that’s engaging for an extended series of battles to determine the master of the realms or as a diversion during your brief downtimes.  Each deck is balanced so that players must choose to play straight by the numbers or try t win by out-bluffing their opponent.  This box contains all you’ll need to play.

Showdown begins in …3…2…1…

The Game includes:

  • 5 Showdown Decks
  • Rules


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