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Ziterdes - Laketown Wooden Platform

  • Brand: Ziterdes
  • Product Code: 6011940
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Quick Overview

Laketown Wooden Platform

The perfect platform for the seaport houses.

The wooden platform with its heavy planks and planks is the stable and perfect base to build a whole city on stilts into the water. The characteristic wood grain is clearly visible and can be further elaborated by skillful painting and highlighting (dry brushing). The wooden posts Art. 11934 fit exactly to the platform and can be cut to any height. So you can quickly and easily achieve different heights for the seaport houses of ZITERDES.


This model is made of hard foam.

  • lightweight, yet extremely stable
  • easy to paint
  • to grind at the edges and hone
  • sawn and painted cuttable

Packaging: Unpainted and without embellishment details, primed.

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