Plast Craft Malifaux Scenery - Railway Prop

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Product Description

Plast Pre-Cut is a system of pre-cut sceneries in foamed PVC sheets developed by Plast Craft Games. These products are designed for Malifaux so they have been made to fit perfectly both with the aesthetic and model scales of the game.

This Plastcraft Games Malifaux ColorED Railway Props box set contains one (1) set of pre-painted 32mm scale PVC Malifaux Railway Props. 


Buffer Stops (2):             Width: 6.2cm/ 2.4in
                                          Height: 3.8cm/ 1.5in
                                          Length: 5.5cm/ 2.1in

Small Cable Reel (2):   Width: 3cm/ 1.2in
                                          Height: 1.9cm/ 0.7in
                                          Length: 3cm/ 1.2in

Big Cable Reel (1):       Width: 3.9cm/ 1.5in
                                         Height: 2.3/ 1in
                                         Length: 3.9cm/ 1.5in

Tall Wall (1):                   Width: 10cm/ 3.9in
                                         Height: 5.8cm/ 2.3in
                                         Length: 2.8cm/1.1in

Short Wall (2):               Width: 12.6cm/5in
                                        Height: 3cm/1.2in
                                        Length: 2.83cm/ 1.1in

ColorED Edition - Assemble and Play. Pre-Colored scenery digitally printed with high detailed designs.  All models require assembly.


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