Mantic - Battlezones

Mantic - Battlezones

Battlezones - Modular Sci-fi Terrain

Grab your laser rifle and prepare to conquer the battlefields of the future!

Battlezones is high quality hard plastic sci-fi terrain designed to use with both mass battle and skirmish wargames.

The kits are made from a big range of gloriously detailed tiles and you can quickly snap-fit your buildings together with our innovative connector system, allowing you to construct everything from an entire city quadrant to a small-fortified bunker!

The system is entirely modular and you can assemble your tiles in any combination – there is no limit to what you can build!

Never before has building a true 3D gaming space been this easy or this affordable.

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Battlezones - Urban District
Piece Count: 130 pcs Mankind’s continuing settlement of the galaxy does not go unchallenged..
Ex Tax: AU$36.36
Battlezones - Urban Sector
Piece Count: 373 pcs Mankind’s push into the galaxy had made it a number of enemies, but it..
Ex Tax: AU$72.73
Battlezones - Ruined District
Piece Count: 104 pcs Although the prefabricated building preferred by mankind’s many outpos..
Ex Tax: AU$36.36
Battlezones - Ruined Sector
Piece Count: 290 pcs Many of the galaxy’s armies possess enough firepower to devastate an e..
Ex Tax: AU$72.73
Battlezones - Landing Pad
Piece Count: 159 pcs In the ongoing battle for the galaxy, secure supply lines are as importa..
Ex Tax: AU$29.09
Battlezones - Defence Line Kit
Piece Count: 70 pcs As mankind presses outwards into the galaxy, there is an ever-present thr..
Ex Tax: AU$14.55
Battlezones - Watchtower
Piece Count: 92 pcs Although sophisticated scanning equipment is commonplace throughout the g..
Ex Tax: AU$21.82
Battlezones - Ruined Outpost
Piece Count: 76 pcs As well as the settlements and outposts that mark a world out as having b..
Ex Tax: AU$26.36
Battlezones - Industrial District
Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery Fight your way through the claustrophobic confines..
Ex Tax: AU$36.36
Battlezones - Industrial Sector
Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery Widen your urban battles with the Industrial Secto..
Ex Tax: AU$72.73
Battlezones - Industrial Quadrant
Contents Declare a citywide war with the Industrial Quadrant, giving enough materials to ..
Ex Tax: AU$145.45
Battlezones - Industrial Pipe Network
Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery The perfect accessory for a range of wargaming tab..
Ex Tax: AU$14.55