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Knights of Dice - Sentry City - City Foundations - 6x9"

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Knights of Dice - Sentry City - City Foundations - 6x9"

Sentry City was the crown in a series of metropolis' along the western coast but in recent years has succumbed to an endless wave of criminal activities. City officials try hard to combat the crime and corruption plaguing the city, but the relentless villains and their henchman will never rest until the city has fallen to its knees.

A 6x9" city foundation with ornate arched details on each side.  This platform is 55.8mm tall and are designed to fit with the City Foundation: Steps and also when stacked two high all our stair kits connect nicely.  You can see examples of use in the pictures.

This kit includes 1  6x9 city foundation.

Model Dimensions

Footprint - 6x9"
Height - 55.8mm

Scenery for 28/32mm scale tabletop miniature games. 

Product is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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