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Knights of Dice - Sentry City Waterfront - Carousel

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Knights of Dice - Sentry City - Waterfront - Carousel

Fun can always be found at the Waterfront Carnival, as long as you keep together and know that the Waterfront is also home to some of the roughest, toughest and meanest folk in Sentry City.  Originally the centre of trade for seafaring vessels, it is now home to the warehousing and storage of all manner of goods coming in and out of Sentry City.

Too many children and have injured riding this Carousel, however parents continue to place their loved ones in imminent danger.  The Carnival organizers have been warned repeatedly about the safety of this ride but the fun ... and carnage ... continues week in, week out.

The carousel contains different rides on the carousel:

  • Unicorns (x3)
  • Bucket Seats (1 manticore, 1 cockatrice, 1 hippogriff)

This kit includes 3mm parts, 1.8mm parts and cardboard components, some of which are fiddly and delicate. We encourage patience and suggest you approach each piece with care to avoid damaging the components.  You will need a knife to remove the cardboard components as they are held in place with a very small uncut connection.

Scenery for 28/32mm scale tabletop miniature games. 

Product is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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