Numenera - Into the Ninth World

Numenera - Into the Ninth World

There Have Been Eight Previous Worlds

Each world stretched across vast millennia of time. Each played host to a race whose civilizations rose to supremacy but eventually died or scattered, disappeared or transcended. During the time each world flourished, those that ruled it spoke to the stars, reengineered their physical bodies, and mastered form and essence, all in their own unique ways.

Each left behind remnants.

The people of the new world—the Ninth World—sometimes call these remnants magic, and who are we to say they’re wrong? But most give a unique name to the legacies of the nigh-unimaginable past. They call them…


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Numenera - Starter Set
Quick Overview There have been eight previous worlds. Each world stretched across vast mill..
Ex Tax: AU$38.18
Numenera - Core Rules
Details Set in a far, far distant future, the Numenera&nbs..
Ex Tax: AU$85.45
Numenera - RPG Dice Set
Description Specially crafted by Q-Workshop, makers of the world’s coolest gaming dice, t..
Ex Tax: AU$18.18
Numenera - Player's Guide
Strong, Fierce Glaives. Reality-Bending Nanos. Jacks of All Trades. The characters of the&nbs..
Ex Tax: AU$29.09
Numenera - The Devil's Spine
Three lengthy adventures wrapped in a thrilling frame story with a life-and-death twist! ..
Ex Tax: AU$28.64
Numenera - Ninth World Bestiary
The weird, the wondrous, and the downright scary: 130 new creatures for Num..
Ex Tax: AU$46.36
Numenera - Technology Compendium
Hundreds of new cyphers, artifacts, and oddities for your Ninth World campa..
Ex Tax: AU$46.36
Numenera - Ninth World Bestiary 2
Quick Overview The Numenera setting comes to life wit..
Ex Tax: AU$65.45
Numenera - Ninth World Guidebook
Description The Ninth World Guidebook takes your Numenera campa..
Ex Tax: AU$65.45
Numenera - Torment - Tides of Numenera - The Explorer's Guide
Description Numenera's Ninth World is a fantastic visio..
Ex Tax: AU$60.91
Numenera - Character Sheets
Description A character sheet is a character sheet–right? Not if it’s the Numenera chara..
Ex Tax: AU$19.55
Numenera - Cypher Chest
Description The Numenera Cypher Deck, XP Deck, and Crea..
Ex Tax: AU$46.36