Star Trek - Attack Wing Miniatures Game - Gorn Raider Card Pack Wave 3

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Quick Overview

The Gorn Raider is a type of ship utilized by the Gorn Hegemony during the 2260s for conducting raids. This Gorn vessel has four nacelles, and its configuration was unknown to the Federation prior to the mid-23rd century. In the late 2260s, a Gorn Raider approached the outpost on Cestus III. Before the outpost knew what hit them, the Gorn Raider destroyed the outpost’s defenses. The Gorn continued to bombard the outpost until it was completely destroyed. The same Gorn vessel later attacked the U.S.S Enterprise, which was lured to the outpost by the false distress signals. 

Contents: 14 Cards 11 Tokens

Note: Some elements contained in this pack require the Gorn Raider Miniature from the 71797-Gornarus Expansion Pack.


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