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Maelstrom's Edge - Battle For Zycanthus - Boxed Set

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From Spiral Arm Studios and the team at Dakka Dakka forums....


Maelstrom's Edge - Battle For Zycanthus Box Set - in stock
Humanity and alien alike have spent tens of thousands of years colonising their spiral arm of the galaxy. Everything they created is under threat as the Maelstrom erupts from the central worlds, ripping apart all it touches. Corporate contractor and religious priest alike must decide their fate on the worlds at the edge - which will you choose?
Maelstrom's Edge: Battle for Zycanthus is the first boxed set for the Maelstrom's Edge tabletop miniatures game and contains everything you need to start playing. The squad-based skirmish ruleset focuses on fast-paced, tactical play, where units must collaborate to suppress their enemies, while other units flank and destroy them.

Contents are:
Epirian Foundation Models
1 Journeyman Bot Handler
1 Apprentice Bot Handler
6 Contractor Engineers
4 Firefly Recon Drones
4 Spider Drones
2 Scarecrow Snipers
2 Hunter-class Warmechs

Karist Enclave Models
1 Kaddar Nova
6 Karist Troopers
4 Tempest Elites
2 Shadow Walkers
4 Angel Minnows
1 Mature Angel

144 page full colour Maelstrom's Edge rulebook
1 Terrain Sprue packed with 32 plastic modular terrain components
8 plastic flying bases
24 small plastic bases with arc markers
7 large plastic bases with arc markers
1 huge plastic base with arc markers
52 cinematic suppression tokens
3 double sided weapon effect templates
56 double sided tokens and markers
2 victory point trackers
Faction objective tokens
Mission cards
Objective cards
12 unit reference cards
16 six-sided dice


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