Deadzone - The Sci-Fi Skirmish Game

Deadzone - The Sci-Fi Skirmish Game



In Deadzone, you control an elite squad of soldiers and engage your opponents in furious fire-fights within the cramped confines of an urban battlezone.

Featuring stunningly detailed miniatures and fully modular scenery, Deadzone puts you in the centre of exciting battles with variable mission objectives: capture enemy intel, assassinate the enemy leader… eliminate the opposition!

With a simple set of rules for tactical and strategic gameplay, Deadzone contains everything you need to become the commander of your own elite squad and wage war across an Urban Battlefield.

Building a Battlefield

Deadzone is a tabletop game played on a 2’x2’ battlefield, brought to life by the high quality Urban Gaming Mat and amazing modular plastic scenery.

This creates a truly 3D gaming environment with buildings to hide in, cover to duck behind and the freedom to go up - particularly handy if you’re a deadly sniper looking for a good vantage point.

Whether you choose to build your tiles as 1-storey structures or towering look-out posts, this clip-together scenery can be built in a variety of ways, with any combination of tiles.

There are also versatile accessories to further enhance your battlefield, such as barrels, railings, ladders and more.

These provide great cover for your troops, allowing them to move out of sight of the enemy.

After all, when the guns start blazing and the Plague are swarming your position, being out in the open is the fastest way to get your squad killed.