Runewars Miniatures - Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion

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  • Ex Tax: $81.82

"A hundred ashen-colored warriors thronged below Derwyn on the cracked plain, grasping barbed blades. Some silhouettes appeared wiry and ravening, with muscle corded like bowstring. Others hunched under the weight of swollen limbs, clenching their underslung jaws. Jagged bone erupted from the skin of nearly all the Uthuk, and the sulfur stench of the Ynfernael caught in the back of Derwyn’s throat."

A new evil force enters the battle for Terrinoth with the Uthuk Y'llan Army Exansion for Runewars Miniatures Game.

The army of the Locust Horde includes four new demonic units with the Uthuk Berserks, Flesh Rippers, Spine Threshers, and their dark hero Ravos the Everhungry.

In addition to twenty-two customizable figurines, the expansion includes tokens, terrain pieces and cards, and twelve upgrade cards.

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