Runewars Miniatures - Baron Zachareth Hero Expansion

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Baron of Carthridge

Baron Zachareth has been called a hero, a warmonger, a maverick, a warlock, and myriad other names across the twelve baronies. While few can agree on his true nature, even fewer can deny the effectiveness of his methods. The people dwelling in his home barony of Carthridge are grateful for his powerful leadership and proven defense of the region. They would gladly follow him into battle, and with the encroaching threats of the Mistlands, this loyalty may soon be tested.

Defend the barony of Carthridge with the Baron Zachareth Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! Ever since he first assumed power in suspicious circumstances, Baron Zachareth has been a devisive figure- some call him a hero, others a warmonger.  But there are few who would deny that his skill with the blade and knowledge of runes and the arcane are unparralleled. With the ability to inspire his allies and intimidate, the Baron of Carthridge will defend Terrinoth no matter if the victories are bought with honor or with blood.

The Baron Zachareth Hero Expansion includes two unpainted, easily assembled miniatures—one of Zachareth alone and one astride his loyal runebeast, Backbreaker—as well as his unit card and command tool, a new terrain piece, a collection of tokens, two condition cards, and six upgrade cards to ensure that all in the Land of Steel will either respect or fear the Baron of Carthridge.

This is not a standalone product. It requires a copy of the Runewars Miniatures Game Core Set to play.


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