Judgement - Two Player Starter Set - 54mm Miniatures Game (MOBA Inspired)

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Judgement Two Player Starter Box

In Judgement, players assume the role of one of the five 'Everlasting', demigods who live on the Shadow Plane known as Between. Each of the five were once champions of their race before transcending from mortals to demigods while on a quest to destroy the gods of old.

Their quest was bestowed upon them at The Gathering, a time when the major races of Athien came together to select five among them, so they could travel to the plane of shadow and stop the meddling of the old gods. The orcs and dwarfs nominated their most respected spiritual leaders, Krognar and Bruell to guide the five. The Elves and Minotaurs nominated their most powerful mage, Ista, and warrior Grul, to challenge the gods. By consensus the humans provided their greatest knight, Tomas, to provide leadership for the company.

As one of the Everlasting, you summon heroes from the mortal world of Athien to the shadow plane (Between), so they can harvest souls at your behest. Souls that give you power and sustain your immortality. This is the game of Judgement.

Judgement brings all the elements of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game genre to the table top. Powerful, diverse and fun heroes, neutral monsters, magical items and hero levels. These ingredients provide a truly amazing gaming experience like no other miniature game on the market. The game design team worked tirelessly for almost 2 years creating, testing and perfecting the core mechanics which ensure diverse, dynamic hero activations and a fast, flexible combat system. The icing on the cake are superbly detailed 54mm scale resin cast miniatures.

The Two Player Starter Box contains everything you need to play the game, including 3 finely detailed, high quality plastic, pre-assembled miniatures in Rakkir, Bastian and Gloom.

Included in the box are:

  • 3 finely detailed, 54mm scale, high quality pre-assembled plastic miniatures (Rakkir, Bastian & Gloom)
  • Professionally illustrated "Shadow Plane" theme 2 foot, quad-fold, square gaming board (contains 4 different map scenarios)
  • 32 page full colour rule book
  • 7 professionally illustrated hero/monster cardboard standees
  • 8 professionally illustrated cardboard measuring widgets
  • 10 Judgement 6 sided dice
  • 2 standard 6 sided dice
  • 46 in-game status tokens
  • 30 full colour, double sided cards (6 heroes, 3 monsters, 2 shrines, 13 magical artefacts)
Miniatures are supplied unpainted.


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