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  • Mantic - Kings Of War - Basilean Berosos, High Priest of Basilea

Mantic - Kings Of War - Basilean Berosos, High Priest of Basilea

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

In a world beset by evil there is a single beacon of hope for the world of man. Holy crusaders and scourges of the Abyss, the forces of Basilea stride forth from their golden city to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers across the land. Their faith is as strong as their martial prowess, maintained by the Paladin warrior-scholars in their ranks and bolstered by the angelic Elohi that march to battle alongside them.

Number of Miniatures: 1

Product Type: Metal Miniature

Unit Type: Hero

Berosos is the highest-ranking cleric of Basilea, a scholar, a sage, a historian and (most importantly) a holy man wielding incredible power. It is said that no ruler of Basilea can afford to ignore Berosos’ counsel and no general can afford to make war without his blessing.

Such assertions are proved true by the fact that, should Berosos denounce a course of action - whether military or political - as unwise, it invariably fails. Thus, the lords of men go to great lengths to seek the High Priest’s blessing in their endeavours, making him one of the most influential individuals in Basilea.


  • 1 metal High Priest Berosos
  • 20mm Square Bases
  • Mantic Point

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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