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Plast Craft - Age Of Fantasy - Blackfall Gates

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"Blackfall village is located between the Twin Mountains of Verenor. This valley is a prosperous place where the inhabitants of Blackfall live unaware of the wars that are fought beyond the mountains, in the kingdom of Faeron.

In Broën's forge you will find all kinds of weapons of the finest quality. All of them have been tempered in the Anvil of Whispers, an anvil of mysterious properties which imbues with great power the weapons forged by Broën."

Blackfall’s Gates is a detailed piece of scenery that represent the gates of Blackfall village and is designed for fantasy Wargames on a scale of 28-30mm.

This model comes pre-colored - This product is delivered unassembled.


PVC foam, HDF.

Width: 10.2cm / 4.0in
Height: 17.3cm / 6.8in
Lenght: 32.6cm / 12.8in

This model can be used as a single piece of terrain or as part of set: The Blackfall village.

The Anvil of Whispers comes in a pack that includes a set of individual pre-colored pieces. Some of the pieces come in a PVC sheet and you will need to cut the connections that fix them to the PVC sheet with an X-acto knife.

Assemble the different parts using by following the assembly instructions that can be found on following link: Assembly instructions

The use of cyanoacrylate glue or a similar one is recommended to assemble the model.

It does not include any miniatures - Any miniatures shown in picture is for scale purposes only.

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