• Age Of Sigmar - WARCRY - Skaven

Age Of Sigmar - WARCRY - Skaven

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This set contains:
– 2x Rat Ogors – towering monstrosities capable of battering lesser foes
– 3x Packmasters – cunning overseers armed with cruel weapons
– 20x Clanrats – swarming infantry who can bring down any enemy through weight of numbers
– 6x Giant Rats – guaranteed to be better at battling than a normal sized rat
– 2x token boards designed to help you track wounds, on-going effects, statuses, and more
– Fighter and ability cards with the rules for your warband

This set is supplied in 137 components and comes with 30x 25mm round bases and 2x 50mm round bases.

Please note – you’ll need a copy of the Warcry Core Book to use this product.

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