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The Hobbit - Goblin Town

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Goblin Town

A sinister kingdom, lorded over by the giant, bloated form of the Goblin King, Goblin Town is a dishevelled realm inhabited by stunted, twisted creatures. This mockery of a court, with its cruel bully-kind, is home to creatures of a deadly nature, troglodyte denizens of implacable cruelty.

Goblin Town is a fantastically detailed scenery piece. It is made largely of long strips of timber that have been haphazardly combined to provide long, rickety walkways suitable for the inhabitants of Goblin Town. As well as chain detailing and wide ladders, it is scattered with bones and skulls, and some fragments of bones are strapped like totems to the large poles that hold the walkways up. Rugged and erratic, this is impressive scenery piece can be constructed in a number of different configurations.

This kit contains 44 components with which to construct Goblin Town. It is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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