4Ground Pre-Painted Terrain - Edo Japan - Village Wooden Fences with Gate

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EDO-104 Village Wooden Gates (with fencing), this is a “28Standard” 4Ground model with high detail and pre-painted parts.

In Shogunate Japan taxes were paid in ‘Koku’ (the rice needed to feed one man for one year), and for this reason ‘Bei’ rice was grown in ‘Ta’ wet paddy fields all over Japan.

Though rice was grown in every ‘Mura’ (village), almost all the rice harvested went towards paying the village tax burden.  For themselves villagers grew beans along the edges of the raised paths between their ‘Ta’ (wet fields).  They also grew fruit in their small orchards, vegetables in their gardens and other crops in ‘Hatake’ (dry fields).

Village gardens and orchards were fenced by ‘Mura Mokusei no Kade’ (village wooden walls), their village gateways were known as ‘Mura Mokuzo-Mon’. Sometimes if a ripening crop had a particular high value one or two ‘Mizunomi’ (farm labourers) would be posted at the gateway as ‘Moto’ (village gate men) to watch for rogues and thieves.

Product Code: 28S-EDO-104
28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures by Northstar and Shogunate Japanese Buildings not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 3

This kit includes: 1 x 28mm Shogunate Japanese Village Wooden Gates (with fencing, equalling over 90cm)


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