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Dungeons & Dragons - Vault of Dragons Board Game

  • $72.00

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Quick Overview

Rumors of a hidden vault of gold circulate through the streets, taverns and markets of Waterdeep.  In Vault of Dragons, each player chooses one of the four unsavory factions racing to locate the Secret of the Vault! 

Sinister criminals, devilish nobles, mercenary Drow, and mysterious wizards are all competing to be first to find the Vault of Dragons!

Send your Followers to locations in and around Waterdeep to search for rumors and treasure. Brawl with other factions to control key locations and exploit them to your own ends, but beware the City Watch. Follow rumors to the many levels of Undermountain, a vast dungeon complex below the city and send your hapless followers on dangerous dungeon delves to recover valuable treasures, power magic items and the secrets of the Vault’s location.

  • The game contains:
    • 12 double-sided locations,
    • 6 dungeons,
    • 1 Yawning Portal location,
    • 50 treasure cards,
    • 50 magic item cards,
    • 4 faction cards,
    • 40 plastic figures,
    • 17 dice,
    • 157 tokens,
    • and a rulebook


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