Dead Man's Hand - The Curse - The Ungodly Horde

Dead Man's Hand - The Curse - The Ungodly Horde

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Dead Man's Hand - The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Ungodly Horde

Limited Edition Boxed Set.


  • "The Baron" 12 figure box set
  • The Malevolent Seven 7 figure box set
  • Wendigo 2 models
  • Cannibal Dwarves 3 models
  • A Murder of Crows 10 models
  • Corpse Carrion 3 models
  • Haunted Bear 1 model
  • Storm Crow 1 model
  • Dread Wolves 3 models
  • Cursed Reverend 1 model

Models supplied unpainted.

You need a copy of the Dead Man's Hand rule book to use this.

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